Major Awards

University School of Milwaukee annually honors a group of senior student-athletes who's contributions to USM Athletics, academic and athletic success, leadership, and sportsmanship go above and beyond. The following is a list of all recipients of these major awards. 
Marion Chester Read Award Henry H. Uihlein Award Cindy Zautcke-Ostermeyer Sportsmanship Award
2017 Davis Collison 2017 Walter Taylor 2017 Aidanne DePoy and Henry Hartjes
2016 Daryl Perry 2016 Justice Kelly 2016 Alexia Jaso and Tripp Grebe
2015 Merrill Read 2015 Josh Thompson 2015 Campbell Schafer and David Hutton
2014 Amber Baker 2014 Jack Wells 2014 Turquoise Baker and Nathaniel Engel
2013 Meredith Jeffers 2013 Daniel Taylor 2013 Alanna McCauley and Hayden Heun
2012 Ellie Wigdale 2012 Josh Baker 2012 Grace Florsheim and Austin Heun
2011 Elena Noyes 2011 Alex Read 2011 Annelise Gehl and Jack Hiller
2010 Lily Heun 2010 Alex Tesensky 2010 Toran Marks and Cydni McMillian
2009 Julie Chase 2009 Beau Palin 2009 Maddie Foy and Will Schuett
2008 Robin Burrell/Morgan Woods 2008 Jack Wigdale 2008 Elena Noyes and Ian Palin
2007 Marnie Robbins 2007 Doug Schadewald 2007 Bridget Cashman and Peyton Stanford
MCC Scholar Athlete WIAA Scholar Athlete
2017 Cole Stephany and Kasey DePoy 2017 Will Koch and Abby Brostrom
2016 Nate Engel and Alanna McCauley 2016 Jack Collison and Alanna McCauley
2015 Tyler Smith and Meredith Short 2015 Tyler Smith and Meredith Short
2014 Derek Rott and Megan Waples 2014 Derek Rott and Megan Waples
2013 Billy Lawton and Emma Kulick 2013 Billy Lawton and Emma Kulick
Award began in 2013  2012 Thomas Pennington and Margot Peterson
  2011 Ian Cooley and Elena Noyes